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Caribbean Cooking

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The Caribbean Kitchen

This is our opportunity to describe the different products you can purchase and help support the materials involved in dental attention of our children with HIV.

Available Packages

Natural Fruit Vinegars

You can find natural home-made fruit vinegars of mandarin, rice, star fruit, passion fruit, banana, carambola and others.


Recipe CDīs and very soon Books


The Doctorīs Recipes
Collection of recipes developed by members.
Cooking for the Heart
Need heart-safe recipes, we have them. Enjoy what you eat.


Cooking for GERD
Have gastroesophageal reflux dissorders or acid reflex after eating. Try these recipes to lower the risk.

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Cooking for Diabetes
If you are on a Diabetes diet try these recipes. Life doesnīt have to be dull.

Coming soon!

School of Caribbean Cuissine

Week-end courses with tours and site-seeing trips.
Includes lodging and accomodations in hotel reservations.



For more information call: (809)566-8969 or (809)566-4277

Las Recetas del Doctor. Winston Churchil Ave., Plaza Orleans, Suite 211, Tel. 809.566-4277, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.