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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we will show you our english version of our page Las Recetas de Doctor (The Doctor´s Recipes), dedicated to the promotion and analysis of our Caribbean culture, traditions and cooking traditions, including origins of the variety of ingredients and cultures involved in the recipes.
We hope you find a lot of usefull information and that you begin cooking with the caribbean "feeling". This is a natural and organic way. Feel Free to experiment!

This page is sponsored by the Iberoamerican Association of Family Dentistry in order to promote good healthy cooking the "Caribbean" way.
Yes, we are dentists and we also cook. We will share our recipes with you and show you some easy ways you can help us support one of our very most important project in the Dominican Republic. This program is dedicated to offer dental atention to children with HIV.
Some of our coleagues, make wonderful fruit vinegars and we also have some recipe books.
Thank You for visiting our page and any information about our country, and we will be happy to share.

Experience the Caribbean way
Las Recetas del Doctor
Winston Churchill Ave., Plaza Orleans, Suite 211
(809) 566-4277

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Las Recetas del Doctor. Winston Churchil Ave., Plaza Orleans, Suite 211, Tel. 809.566-4277, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.